Metrodata Solution Day 2012

Thursday, 27 September 2012

With communication going mobile, employees no longer chained to their desks or anchored by 8 to 5 schedules, and it is best to let workers pick the tool that will magnify their efforts in this new world. The point is mobility isn't just a special-use case anymore, it has become the norm for most employees. A big change has occurred during the past couple of years, with the growing adoption of mobile and portable devices that have limited internal storage and rely heavily on cloud services.

As cloud services become part of people’s lives, device vendors and platform providers must integrate cloud services in order to win customers in 2013or risk being displaces by those that offer these services. Brands must stretch across multiple devices, platforms and services. By the end of 2013, consumer cloud services for accessing content will be integrated into 90 percent of all connected consumer devices, Gartner said[1]. The trend will accelerate rapidly in 2013as people learn how to use new services on their devices.

Mobile workers, who are big consumers of mobile technology, carry on average 3.5 devices. As the iPass Mobile Workforce Report[2] shows 91% of mobile workers today use their smartphones for work, and tablet ownership in this group has rapidly grown to 72% since the launch of the iPad. What's more, the boundary between their work and personal life is permeable, and they put an average of 50 hours per week into their work roles. And organizations that embrace BYOD (bring your own device) will get the most bang by enabling the worker to pick the tool that they believe best fits their need.

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