Human Resource Development

Metrodata’s strategy is to acquire talents that can ensure its long-term business sustainability

As Human Resources (HR) is an essential part in business, the improvement of human resources policy and development of information system to support human resources management are two aspects that the Company pays attention to in order to encourage employees to give their best performance. Professionalism and dedication are also key in supporting the Company's business growth strategy.

The digital transformation that continues to take place in society and an increasing adoption of technology to keep business processes relevant require competent and capable human resources (HR) in the ICT field.

For the Company, whose core competencies are as the leading ICT solution and distribution company in Indonesia, HR management has always been a crucial aspect. Amid the rapid development of digital technology, the Company shall have professional and adaptive workforce that is able to stay abreast with the latest trends in technology. In addition, the swift growth of the ICT industry in recent years has made competition to acquire the best talents in the ICT field increasingly tighter, while there is only a limited availability of high-quality human resources in Indonesia.

To overcome these challenges, the Company implemented an attractive and effective recruitment scheme, while to manage its human resources, the Company is utilizing the cloudbased SAP SuccessFactors. By 2019, all of the Company’s business units had been integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, thus enabling the Company to conduct an integrated HR management.


Employee Recruitment and Engagement

The Company’s strategy to acquire talents that can ensure its long-term business sustainability starts with setting up an effective and efficient recruitment system. Firstly, the Company cooperates with several schools/universities by participating in campus recruitment events, such as job days or career fairs, as well as providing internship opportunities for interested students. The Company also actively engages branding & engagement programs by taking up the role as speakers at campus events related to ICT industry, as well as by inviting campus representatives to visit the Company’s office.

Some specific programs have been conducted to ensure the availability of high-quality human resources that can address the Company’s needs. They are Programmer Bootcamp, Metrodata Trainee Program (MTP), and Synnex Metrodata Graduate Program (SGP). In 2019, the SGP program was held for the first time, aimed at acquiring talents with excellent potential to work at the Distribution Business Unit.

In addition to the internal efforts, the Company also cooperates with third party vendors such as recruitment platform or headhunters to acquire the best talents in the market, in line with the Company’s needs.

The Company improves the quality of the induction and orientation process for new employees through Metrodata Orientation Program. In this online program, new employees are expected to be able to adapt and obtain adequate information about the Company’s work environment.


Training & Education

The Company continues to hold various training and competence development programs. In 2019, the competencebased employee development programs were focused on competencies that would support business performance enhancement, among others, Presentation Skills, Effective Communication, Problem Identification and Analysis Capability, and Leadership.

Specifically, the bootcamp program that had previously been held only for developers, was expanded in 2019 with a program for IT security personnel. In collaboration with a specific education institution, the IT Security Bootcamp program was held twice.

In 2020, the Company plans to develop online-based training programs to be delivered in the form of e-learning programs and training videos.


To monitor and manage each employee’s performance comprehensively, the Company uses SAP SuccessFactors HR management system. The appraisal process begins with a set of goals and plans that are prepared by each employee at the beginning of the year together with their direct superiors and managers. At the end of the year, this plan is then evaluated using a 360-degree approach.

To expedite the succession program and the Company’s commitment to appreciate the potentials of its employees, the Company conducts a Fast Track program for specialist and managerial positions. Through this program, employees with excellent performance as well as the appropriate potentials and talents are gathered to be cultivated in a talent pool, where they are subsequently prepared to participate in an intensive development program.

To bridge the generational gap between the younger employees, whose proportion of the workforce is now greater than that of the senior employees’, the Company has been implementing a reverse mentoring program since 2018, to provide input to the management in the form of new and fresh ideas, perspectives, and mindsets from employees, especially the younger employees.


Remuneration & Benefits

In determining remuneration policies and schemes, the Company uses industry-based remuneration standard that uses the results of remuneration surveys conducted by independent institutions.

To ensure the health of its employees, the Company enrolls all employees in the national healthcare program (BPJS) and also in a private healthcare insurance scheme. As a preventive measure, the Company routinely conducts an annual medical check-up for all permanent employees who have worked at the Company for one year or more, and who are at least 30 years of age.

The Company provides an array of benefits, such as religious holiday benefits, healthcare benefits, BPJS coverage, and annual bonus, for permanent employees of the Company.

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