Advanced Data Analytics Solution with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Data has a very important role in the company, it can be said that data is an important asset of the company.

Advanced Data Analytics Solution with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Data has a very important role in the company, it can be said that data is an important asset of the company. Through data management, it can facilitate decision-making, increase efficiency, and bring out new innovations. Thus, utilizing company data properly and appropriately is the key to resilience and sustainable business growth.

Google Cloud Platform technology offers efficient integrated services to manage your business data in a scalable, reliable, secure manner, with a fully managed database suite. Starting from data collection, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization can be done on the same platform. Analytical data through GCP can increase your business capability to continue to grow more in this disruption era and rapid change through insights that are processed correctly in real-time.


Data Analytics Framework in GCP

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) focuses on building an integrated data platform with high capabilities. GCP cloud-native services such as App Engine and Pub/Sub are capable of storing data into storage such as Cloud Storage, both structured data and unstructured data. Then the data is processed and analyzed through the flagship service of GCP, BigQuery, which is the largest cloud data warehouse among other cloud providers. BigQuery allows you to not only perform ordinary analytics but powerful data analytics with in-built machine learning capabilities. Additionally, data analytics can be performed via Dataflow which provides fully managed streaming analytics with auto-scaling to reduce costs, latency, and processing time. Then, the data is visualized using services such as Cloud Data Studio which provides structured insights for your business development recommendations. This data processing is carried out at a data center that is already available in Indonesia, that is GCP Region Jakarta, with proven security and privacy also international and national certifications, and uses the same infrastructure as Google.

GCP also focuses on ensuring services are accessible to various personas within your business, such as data engineers, machine learning engineers, data analysts, business users, and others. So you can focus on finding values and insights instead of managing infrastructure, by combining cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, in both batch and streaming modes that provide data analytics solutions. Thus, the data you have can be processed to make good decisions, improve product quality, innovate, and many other benefits.


Customer Success Stories - Data Analytics using GCP with Metrodata

Many companies from various industries such as the chemical industry, manufacturing, banking, and retail have trusted Metrodata for Data Analytics solutions in GCP.


Boost your business capabilities with GCP Data Analytics services with Metrodata!

Metrodata has successfully got a new accreditation from Google as a Google Cloud Analytics Partner Expertise. This accreditation is an accreditation that is obtained through various extensive validations and fulfillment of certain criteria. This proves the ability of Metrodata for your business to provide highly specialized services in the field of Data Analytics.



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