Vision and Mission

Like most other established companies around the world, the Company has a set of guiding principles that serve as the reference for the management and the employees as they develop the Company’s strategies and work to build the Company’s reputation.

TheCompany’s vision and philosophies are best reflected in the following statements:

Corporate Vision

Becoming a Leading Digital Economy Hub & Enabler

Corporate Mission

  1. To drive digital technology advancement in Indonesia
  2. To provide innovative digital transformation solutions and service excellence to our customers and business partners
  3. To maximize our shareholders’ value and build a great place to work

Corporate Culture

For METRODATA, corporate culture is not just a windowdressing or a string of vague, ambiguous words but the soul and spirit that serve as an anchor for all employees in performing their duty and responsibility, a standard of action and behavior within the organization, and a beacon to guide METRODATA in achieving its vision.

Corporate culture is especially critical for a technology company like METRODATA to remain focused while it grows in the competitive marketplace and copes with the dynamic and rapid changes business environment as well as the challenges of globalization that demands a strong, agile and excellent organization.

Effective January 1, 2013, METRODATA has, in lockstep, formulated and familiarized the practical implementation of the Company's new corporate culture that manifests itself into THREE core values-Integrity, Professionalism and Entrepreneurship-and FIFTEEN code of conduct.



Integrity is consistency in action in line with moral, ethical and legal norms, and commitment to always uphold and maintain it. A company that does not have integrity as its foundation would generally not last. Therefore, this is the first and foremost value that every employee should possess, comprehend and implement.

At the corporate level, integrity is one of the main practices in the implementation Good Corporate Governance.

Integrity code of conduct:

  1. Honest, ethical, responsible and trustworthy
  2. Consistency in words and actions, based on data and facts
  3. Have a sense of belonging to the Company
  4. Maintain one's decorum and the Company's good reputation
  5. Appreciate those who have made contribution to the Company



Professionalism is an attitude, behavior and actions that demonstrate superior knowledge, competencies and skills continuously developed to cope with challenges and bring success to the Company.

When using the products and services offered by METRODATA, customers expect the best service from METRODATA so they can increase their productivity and well-being.

Thus, each employee within METRODATA is required to be professional all the time.

Professionalism code of conduct:

  1. Provide excellent solutions and services
  2. Have a high self-discipline
  3. Continuously improve one's skills and knowledge to support one's performance
  4. Have a problem-solving skill
  5. Able to work in a team and build synergy with all Stakeholders



Entrepreneurship is a fiery enterprising spirit and passion to keep making improvement, able to turn ideas into reality, dare to take bold initiative, undaunted by failure and able to manage a harmonious relationship together with stakeholders.

An excellent company that will lasting into the future is the one that has entrepreneurial human resources.

Without the energy of entrepreneurship, a company - especially a technology-centric one like METRODATA – risks becoming irrelevant in the era of intense competition.

Entrepreneurship code of conduct:

  1. Knowledgeable, creative and innovative
  2. Perceptive in seizing and creating new opportunities
  3. Able to find the best solution to overcome any challenges that might arise
  4. Able to always come up with applicable novel ideas
  5. Dare to take a calculated risk in every decision
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