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Firebase Help Remote Workers to Perform Better

Committed to giving easier access for their employees especially during pandemic situation, SNS choose Google Cloud Firebase to build a scalable and agile appli

Firebase Membantu Pekerja Jarak Jauh Bekerja Lebih Baik

PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera (“SNS”)

Committed to giving easier access for their employees especially during pandemic situation, PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera choose Google Cloud, especially Firebase to build a scalable and agile application that can help remote workers to perform better.


The Challenge

Since PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera is a distribution company, they have high numbers of mobile employees to do distribution sales all over Indonesia. To have an easy access for all sales data all over the country, PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera will need an application to give all the mobile employees flexibility to do sales activity in the field without dependency to headquarters.


The Solution

In order to resolve the challenges, PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera created application using Google Firebase services provided by Metrodata team as Google Cloud Partner. Firebase helped them to develop the application with ease and reach the goal in assisting mobile workforce. Besides Firebase, team also using Google API and Compute to make the application realized.


The Results

PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera managed to create the application that helps them to support their distribution sales team to create and access sales data whenever they need to. This application development is expected to be set to continue expanding. Moreover, Stackdriver also being deployed to help monitor, troubleshoot, and improve the performance of application as it scales.


With Firebase, PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera is well-assisted in accelerating the mobile application development process, and it is also helped to reduce operating costs that arise in the mobile application development process.



About PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera

PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera is a sole distribution division of Garudafood products which was established on July 31st, 1994 and plays an important role in determining the development of Garudafood products coverages. PT Sinarniaga Sejahtera covers 17 regions, 128 branches, 160 sub-distributors and agents with more than 286,000 customers throughout Indonesia.

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