08 Jun 2021
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MTDL Distributes IDR90.85 Billions of Dividend

Strengthening Digital Transformation With 360° Virtual Platform: Nexworld° and Support BI FAST Payment

Jakarta, June 8, 2021 - PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“MTDL” or the Company), an Information and Communication Technology (“ICT”) issuer in the field of digital solutions and hardware and software distribution, decided to distribute dividends with the amount of IDR90.85 billion or approximately 25% of the 2020 net profit which was recorded at IDR364.9 billion. This was decided at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) today which was also held live through the YouTube channel of PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk.


Susanto Djaja as President Director of MTDL said, “Through the AGMS we have decided to increase the dividend ratio from 22.7% to approximately 25% in line with efforts to improve shareholder welfare which also increases in nominal terms 12.1% of the total dividends distributed at the 2019 AGMS.”


In the midst of a pandemic, the use of technology is an important factor in carrying out business activities and teaching and learning. For this reason, MTDL as an ICT company is in an advantageous position. Diversification of sales of various ICT products is also one of MTDL's advantages in overcoming the scarcity of notebook computer products which are gradually recovering. For this reason, MTDL Management continues to strive to be innovative in running its business, so that it can continue to develop in a sustainable manner.


One of MTDL’s recent innovations through its subsidiary, PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”) is to launch a 360° virtual platform called Nexworld°. As the first and biggest breakthrough in the field of ICT in Indonesia it provides solutions to overcome the mobility limitations of MTDL stakeholders’ business activities in general and SMI in particular. Nexworld° will be a virtual gathering place for global ICT principals, channel partners (dealers), end-users and business partners, and employees that is open non-stop for 365 days.


Susanto added, “With a virtual mall in Nexworld°, we can see all products in the same location. Inside there is a Lobby, Conference Hall, Mini Stage, and booths of various world-class ICT products. In addition, Nexworld° also provides a place for training, talk-shows, e-sport tournaments, gatherings, and other virtual activities. All activities are on a digital platform, free from the limitations of time and space. Nexworld° will also make it easier to provide up-to-date information on all products owned by SMI continuously without having to travel so that our partners will always get the latest information on various brands of ICT hardware and software distributed through SMI.”


In the Solution and Consulting business unit, MTDL through its subsidiary PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (“MII”), also supports the program initiated by Bank Indonesia, called BI FAST. The BI FAST program is a retail payment system infrastructure that can facilitate retail payments using various instruments currently available in real time. Together with its partners, MII provides hardware, software, security, implementation services, integration with Bank Indonesia applications, as well as post-implementation support & training for BI FAST implementation. So with the implementation of the retail payment system, it is expected that customers can make online or interbank transfers in real-time and at a lower cost than currently available.


Overview of Financial Performance as of First Quarter of 2021

In line with the acceleration of digital transformation due to the pandemic, in terms of financial performance as of the end of First Quarter of 2021, MTDL managed to record a revenue of IDR3.9 trillion or an increase of 13.9% compared to the same period in the previous year, which was IDR 3.4 trillion. “This comes from the revenue growth in both MTDL business lines, namely the Distribution business line, which in the First Quarter of 2021 achieved revenue growth of 14.3% YoY, and the Solution and Consulting business line which rose 11.7% YoY,” said Randy Kartadinata as the Director of MTDL.


Randy added, “Each of the MTDL business lines contributed positively thanks to the diversification of products and services offered. From the Distribution business unit, one of the increases in sales came from smartphones, which amounted to 93.0% compared to the First Quarter of the previous year. On the other hand, the Solutions and Consulting business unit posted a recurring revenue growth of 22.6% in the First Quarter of 2021 from Cloud services, IT Security as well as Digital Business Applications and other services. Currently, the contribution from recurring revenue reaches 40% of the total revenue of this business unit and is expected to continue to grow in the future. In the previous First Quarter of 2021, MTDL also managed to book a net profit of IDR121.6 billion, an increase of IDR27.3 billion or an increase of 29.0% YoY.”


“In the future, in line with its 46th year of in the business, MTDL will continue to explore various business potentials in the technology sector by providing eight pillars of MTDL solutions, namely Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Security, Hybrid IT Infrastructure, Business Applications, Digital Business. Platform, Consulting & Advisory Services, Managed Services, as well as supporting hardware and software updates in helping the digital transformation process in various companies, so that they can continue to support Indonesia towards Industry 4.0,” concluded Susanto.

About PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“the Company”) a public listed company in Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1990 (IDX: MTDL) is a well-known Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company in Indonesia that partners with world-class ICT companies. The Company currently has its main business unit which is the Distribution Business (Providing World-Class ICT Hardware and Software) that handles distribution to the dealers and ICT solution companies as well as running an e-commerce business. The distribution network covers more than 150 cities across Indonesia and has more than 5,200 channel partners with more than 100 brands of world-class IT products and services; the Solution and Consulting Business (Digital Solution Provider to Help Companies Achieving Digital Transformation) provides complete ICT solutions based Metrodata’s 8 pillars of Digital Solution, which are Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Hybrid IT Infrastructure, Security, Business Application, Digital Business Platform, Consulting & Advisory Services, and Managed Services to support digital business transformation.


For further information, please contact:

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