09 Nov 2021
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MTDL Offers IoT Solutions to Support Industry 4.0

Providing IoT Solutions Through MII Such as Manufacturing, Smart Office, and Warehouse Tracking

Jakarta, November 9, 2021 - PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (‘MTDL’), an Information and Communication Technology (“ICT”) issuer in the field of digital solutions and hardware and software distribution, through its subsidiary PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (“MII”) continues to offer more Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for vertical industries in order to accelerate towards industry 4.0 in Indonesia. The IoT solutions offered ranges from manufacturing execution systems, smart office, and warehouse tracking.


Edwin Putraoetama Octosa as Director of MII said, We continue to add to our portfolio of ICT solutions to support industry 4.0 and collaborate with various global technology partners. With market trends increasingly leading towards digital transformation, MII continues to support various industries to accelerate digitalization in their work processes. This includes the usage of IoT technology, which is currently in high demand. We have experience implementing IoT solutions in the Manufacturing, FMCG, E-Commerce, and Agriculture industries. Additionally, we leverage our 8 Pillar solutions to help customers accomplish their objectives.”


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution, can be applied in the Manufacturing industry to automate production processes that were previously still done manually. In the process, the OT (Operation Technology) sensor network contained in industrial machines will be interconnected with the MES system which can provide real time information from Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from sensors to production machines to display OEE (Operation Equipment Efficiency) in an integrated manner. This can be achieved by integrating the existing OT in the factory with Information Technology (IT) such as databases and big data.


“This solution can certainly make work more effective on the ground. The MES solution can also increase workforce productivity and efficiency due to reduced manual processes so that it becomes faster, more flexible, and supports more accurate data-based decision making,” explained Edwin.


On the other hand, this IoT solution supports the implementation of Smart Office during the Covid-19 pandemic to conform to health protocols. The Smart Office technology implemented is a digital system solution that can support the mobilization of company employees through video analytics, CCTV, barcode/QR code/RFID, access control, and business applications. For example, by using a combination of these technologies, a company is able to manage health protocols based on a system that can regulate from office entry procedures, booking work desks, checking health protocols in an integrated manner (using masks to avoiding groups of people in the work environment), and management of electricity consumption which can only be activated with RFID technology which is adjusted to the reservation booking that has been made.


The IoT solution area can also be utilized for Warehouse Asset Tracking Management, which is to monitor statuses, such as availability and location of goods. The work system can use the Asset Inventory application, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), and is also equipped with Network Connectivity & Security to ensure the security of data and information. For example, the use of RFID has now been widely applied by E-Commerce to make it easier to track assets using digital data encoding through RFID tags or smart labels that can be read by devices that use radio waves.


MTDL through MII has partnered with various global IoT solution partners, such as Zebra, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Gorilla, ZKTeco, PTC, and Advantech. “MII already has many technology partners to answer the needs of customers. In the future, we will continue to expand cloud-based IoT solutions and IT/OT Security, build a management system, and continue to add to manage IoT services. It is expected that MTDL can continue to support Indonesia in accelerating towards industry 4.0,” concluded Susanto Djaja as President Director of MTDL.

About PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“the Company”) a public listed company in Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1990 (IDX: MTDL) is a well-known Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company in Indonesia that partners with world-class ICT companies. The Company currently has its main business unit which is the Distribution Business (Providing World-Class ICT Hardware and Software) that handles distribution to the dealers and ICT solution companies as well as running an e-commerce business. The distribution network covers more than 150 cities across Indonesia and has more than 5,200 channel partners with more than 100 brands of world-class IT products and services; the Solution and Consulting Business (Digital Solution Provider to Help Companies Achieving Digital Transformation) provides complete ICT solutions based Metrodata’s 8 pillars of Digital Solution, which are Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Hybrid IT Infrastructure, Security, Business Application, Digital Business Platform, Consulting & Advisory Services, and Managed Services to support digital business transformation.


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