08 Nov 2018
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PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia Strengthen The Line Of Portfolio With AVIRTECHs Drone-as-a-S

PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia Strengthen The Line Of Portfolio With AVIRTECHs Drone-as-a-Service

Jakarta, Indonesia, 5 November 2018—PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (“SMI”)—a subsidiary of Metrodata Group that focus on Information, Communication and Technology Distribution, today announced its strategic partnership with Avirtech Pte. Ltd. (“Aviretch”)—a leading company in provides drones-as-a-service to companies for a turnkey real-time ground and aerial inspection. With state-of-the-art technology, Avirtech provides the highest quality and most reliable data collection for clients in Indonesia. Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, Avirtech seeks to provide actionable data to businesses.

Through this strategic partnership, Avirtech has appointed SMI as Distributor to market and supplies network solution and management so customers get obtain the facility of Avirtech products and accessories in Indonesia.

Drone-as-a-service, also known as DAAS, where Avirtech provides a comprehensive solution for clients. Customers do not need to invest on any CAPEX and Avirtech provides a complete solution to collect on the ground information in numerous forms depending on the needs and specialized sensors. Data collected could be digital terrain model, digital surface model and digital elevation model for geodesic needs. It could also be using camera and multispectral sensors to be collecting health of the plants, tree count audit, flood management and many other services. Drone technology not only helps companies reduce cost and time spent by up to 70%, it makes the work safer for the employees.

Avirtech uses VTOL drones, a hybrid between fixed wing drones that require big area for landing and multi-rotor which is only able to cover small area. The drones are able to take off vertically like a helicopter but converts into an aircraft mode once in the air, hence able to cover much larger area compared to multi-rotor drones. To top off the VTOL technology, Avirtech uses the advanced sensors to ensure high quality results. On top of that, Avirtech develops its own data management solution for real-time data processing capabilities to provide faster turnaround time for the deliverables to our customers.

“Currently the development of technology device very quickly develop and advanced. Drone device is our innovations in the expansion of portfolio. Drone not only offering for security as drone inspection from air, but even more than that as air monitor inspection drone-as-a-service could collect the data at big area especially for plantation and oil and gas industry. We are very delighted has trust by Avirtech as Distributor to market drone-as-a-service camera and its management at consumer segment. It made us stronger as a distributor in Indonesia in offering any solution to our business partner,” said Agus Honggo Widodo, President Director of PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia.

“Indonesia is one of the fastest growing market in Asia and the sheer land size provides much opportunities for development over the decade. We see companies in Indonesia becoming more technologically sophisticated and more demanding for high standard of care. We are looking forward to a close distributor partnership with SMI. With SMI extensive network in different business verticals and product range, we believe the two companies will find inordinate synergies to serve our clients better,” said Rendy Ferixsen, CEO of Avirtech Pte. Ltd.

Together with Avirtech, SMI give the benefit their business partner is new business opportunities that can increase revenues and profitability. SMI having seven distribution centers across Indonesia, which is supported by robust sales force and logistics, SMI guarantees customers with a world-class services, products, and solutions. SMI and Avirtech will work closely to offer their products through SMI’s strong channels nationwide.


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