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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, The Best Choice for Running SAP HANA

The Information Technology Division is the “Backbone” division of the business unit in Mulia Boga Raya Tbk. Trust in the reliability of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Pilihan Terbaik Menjalankan SAP HANA

PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk

The Information Technology Division is the “Backbone” division of the business unit in Mulia Boga Raya Tbk. Trust in the reliability of Amazon Web Services.


As customers assess their existing SAP landscape and their options for modernization, most know that eventually, they will need to migrate their SAP workload to the cloud and modernize their database to SAP HANA.


For some customers, it makes sense to modernize HANA or S/4HANA as part of their SAP cloud migration. For others, migrating their workload as it is and adopting HANA in the future makes more sense. Some customers are already running HANA in their own data center and want to take it to the cloud.


Unlike other cloud providers, AWS allows customers to decide when and how HANA fits into their plans for their SAP workload and doesn't force them to adopt HANA as part of their migration.


AWS and SAP have been working closely together to certify the AWS platform for HANA in production, so that customers who decide to adopt HANA can fully realize all its benefits on AWS. AWS customers can choose from a variety of compute and storage options that are SAP certified for HANA in production. Among these offerings are the largest cloud native instances certified for HANA production, and up to four nodes, for a total of 48 TB of memory, for very large S/4HANA deployments. To help customers get started, SAP HANA Quick Start helps you deploy a fully functional SAP HANA system on the AWS Cloud, following best practices from AWS and SAP.


One of the cheese products industry players favored by all (Prochiz) who has benefited from the utilization of the cloud is PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk (MBR), which is known as one of the companies that has a high commitment in marketing quality nutritional products with best quality. Cloud has helped MBR to be able to optimize its business development.


Running SAP HANA on AWS

Then, how to actually run SAP HANA on AWS which has become the backbone for business acceleration in MBR? SAP Project Manager PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk, Liem Tjien, said that “When we wanted to run SAP HANA, we got a recommendation for a cloud provider with the best experience in cloud migration, namely AWS Cloud from PT Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk (“Garudafood Group”) so that PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk which is part of the Garudafood Group decided to use the AWS Cloud to achieve more benefits such as fast implementation time, cloud infrastructure availability for SAP HANA in just hours, compared to conventional hardware procurement which takes long time for availability,” said Liem Tjien.


“If we still insist on using on-premise solutions, it might take at least four weeks now to provision hardware as well as licenses. Using SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud become a strategic step to improve business process efficiency,” continued Liem Tjien.


"We realized that during the implementation process we did not have our own IT team, so we decided to collaborate with our head quarter IT team,  Garudafood, so that the implementation process ran smoothly," said Liem Tjien, SAP Project Manager, PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk.


To implement Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Garudafood then collaborated with PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk, an AWS Advance Consulting Partner, registered in the Amazon Partner Network (APN).


Another benefit of running SAP HANA on AWS is faster analysis process in finding answers to various business constraints that arise as well as how to make the right and smart decisions in overcoming business challenges that rely on business application technology and in terms of brands.



1. Short time in SAP HANA implementation.

2. The process of knowledge transfer and migration takes a long time.



Running SAP HANA on AWS with faster time to get business results, with automation and data powered guidance, AWS simplifies every step of the SAP HANA implementation process by reducing the effort and complexity in it. This helps speed up migration by reducing the time to realize the value of Mulia Boga Raya's cloud migration.



1. Implementation time is on target

2. AWS has been widely used and known by many vendors to facilitate easier implementation and development.

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