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AWS Implementation in BPD Kalimantan Tengah

PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Tengah needed a system to support their operation.

AWS Implementation in BPD Kalimantan Tengah

BPD Kalteng

Utilization of information technology is absolutely necessary to support business processes and improve company performance. One important factor in running a business effectively and efficiently is the availability of accurate information regarding ongoing business activities, to support strategic decision-making processes.

In fact, most companies and almost all banks have implemented information technology to record business transactional data and support business processes, as well as reporting on company operations, which in terms of information technology, the system is classified as a Core System, which consists of: Finance, Personnel System, Core Banking System, Treasury, and Online Transaction Process (OLTP).

PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Tengah needs a system that is not only able to accommodate a lot of data, but can also support trend analysis and get better insights of information so that the decision making process can be carried out correctly and quickly through data that has become information. ”Our need is to create a system that functions as a data center and also data visualization / dashboard using cloud computing infrastructure on Amazon Web Service (AWS) with several considerations including the following:

  1. AWS has complete features and services to meet these needs, for data warehouse and data visualization needs.
  2. In terms of costs, it is more efficient, because AWS service fees are in accordance with the capacity used (pay-as-you-go).
  3. Security in accessing and controlling data, because it uses the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service

In addition, BPD Kalimantan Tengah considers entrusting the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects to PT. Metrodata Electronics Tbk as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner is because they have certified expertise and also excellent collaboration between AWS Engineer team, Data Analytics team and Data Science team to deliver the solution. In addition, the data warehouse work/project experience that Metrodata has done for other customers is an additional reference for us," said Mr. Ahmad Selanorwanda, as Director of Finance, Operations and Information Technology at PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Tengah.


Challenge :

  1. The analysis process still uses excel files, and there is no platform used to store these data, so companies need a "single point of truth" that accommodates all data needs to be convert into information.
  2. Company wants to get better and faster information insights regarding the data they have, so that can support in making company decisions, especially in the area of Financial Analysis and also information related to Market Share, based on the data they have at the central level to the branch or sub-branch level.


Solution :

In the context of DWH and Dashboard needs by using AWS, the solution that can be implement is to utilize the Amazon Redshift service as a powerful and scalable DWH solution, Using Amazon QuickSight as a tool to create interactive dashboard that provide visual insight about information that BPD Kalteng needed such as Profit Trends, Credit Trends and other banking information. By integrating Redshift and QuickSight, companies can efficiently collect, store, analyze the banking data, and present relevant information in an easy-to-understand visual form. As well as using AWS S3 which is used to store all the data needed by BPD Kalimantan Tengah.


Benefit :

· Faster analysis process with data warehouse and data visualization solutions using Amazon Web Service (AWS) for effective business decisions.

· Increase operational agility, reduce technology costs and develop the workforce of the future

· Development of 3 use cases (Financial Performance Daily, Monthly & Banking Market Share)

o Financial Performance Dashboard (Daily & Monthly)

Financial daily and monthly performance dashboards are used to track and monitor the company's financial performance on a daily and monthly basis. The main objective is to provide relevant and actual information about the company's financial performance to stakeholders such as executive management, finance team and other parties who need the information.


The functions and benefits of daily and monthly performance financial dashboards are:

· Performance Monitoring: This dashboard provides a visual overview of the company's financial performance on a daily and monthly level. It helps finance and management teams to track key metrics like revenue, expenses, profit, capital, DPK, GRO, and other financial numbers. With regular monitoring, companies can identify emerging trends and patterns, and take the necessary actions to improve financial performance.

· Identify Trends and Patterns: Financial daily and monthly performance dashboards help identify trends and patterns of financial performance. For example, if there is a consistent increase in daily revenue over several weeks, management may make a strategic decision to expand operations or increase production.

· Tracking Against Targets and KPIs : This dashboard also allows the company to monitor achievement against targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). By looking at the graphs and actual versus target number, management can evaluate whether the company is achieving the set financial goals and take corrective action if necessary.


· Market Share Banking Dashboard

Banking marketshare dashboard helps in competitive analysis. By looking at information from other banks, BPD Kalteng can compare their performance with other banks, especially for analyzing the value of credit growth and DPK. This helps in identifying relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as determining the right strategy to increase their market share.

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