06 Sep 2018
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PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk Organize Metrodata Solution Day 2018 Industry 4.0: Digital Re

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk Organize Metrodata Solution Day 2018 Industry 4.0: Digital Revolution: Now Or Not At All

(Left to Right) Andris Masengi, Country Manager Indonesia, Symantec Security Indonesia; Rully Moulany, Country Manager, Red Hat Indonesia; Susanto Djaja, President Direction, PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk; Mulia Dewi Karnadi, Chief of Partner Officer and Director of Small Medium - Corporate Segments, Microsoft Indonesia; Rekiardi Soenario, Senior Technology Strategist, Dell EMC Indonesia; Kamil Hasan, Director, Channel Scale & Partners, Intel Asia Pacific & Japan; William Chaylis, Regional Vice President SE Asia, DSI.

Jakarta, 6 September 2018—Metrodata Solution Day 2018 (MSD2018) is back! Organized by PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“METRODATA”), MSD2018 aims to educate IT market in Indonesia, as well as information solution update for customers, emphasizes that METRODATA focus on 8 solution pillars: Cloud Services, Digital Business Platform, Big Data & Analytics, Security, Consulting & Advisory Services, Managed Services, Hybrid IT Infrastructure, & Business Application.

Industry 4.0 is at the heart of this value chain makeover. Successful Digital Reinvention will involve a fundamental reimagining of how an organization operates and how it engages with its environment Industry 4.0 digitizes and integrates processes vertically across the entire organization, from product development and purchasing, through manufacturing, logistics and service. All data about operations processes, process efficiency and quality management, as well as operations planning are available real-time, supported by augmented reality and optimized in an integrated network.

Digital forces are creating unprecedented levels of industry dislocation, fundamentally changing the economics of business. Industry had experienced four large revolution waves. The First industry revolution happened because of the discovery of mechanization, with water or steam as the sources of power. The Second industry revolution marked with the presence of electricity making mass production is possible with components assembling concept. Of The third industry revolution appeared because manufacturing production could be easily controlled automatically by computers, making production more efficient. And Industry 4.0 marked with cyber physical systems made possible by the synergy of three powers: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Cognitive Computing. Industry 4.0 is known as smart manufacturing, because the whole production process value chain is automatically controlled through Artificial Intelligence (AI) composed of complex algorithm (trying) to imitate human intelligence.

Industry 4.0: Digital Revolution is also in line with government’s initiative the roadmap of Making Indonesia 4.0 announced by President of RI Joko Widodo last April 2018.

“The IT development looks amazingly fast, many application could easily founded and downloaded thru Cloud Services technology and Digital Business Platform. Entering the Industry 4.0, we must start to map and implement digital revolution as soon as possible, otherwise we will left far behind. Now or not at all. Digital Revolution is a necessity, many have started, and Indonesia infrastructure are much more ready. The challenge we will face is more open competitions, how to open the market opportunities, to adopt with millennial generation,” said Susanto Djaja, President Director of PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk.

“The massive shift in the speed of business, the data it generates and ready access to technology in our lives, is the hallmark of the fourth industrial revolution. For businesses, it is now a critical imperative to digitally transform,” said Catherine Lian, Managing Director, Dell EMC Indonesia. “Digital Transformation is not optional with the increasing use of data analytics, the preponderance of smarter products that use software and sensors, and the analytics required to sustain the cycle are being used by market leaders and disruptors. For organizations, it is simply a choice to disrupt the status quo or be disrupted by the adopter of digital technologies.”

“Businesses that leverage supply chain data have a competitive edge in the digital economy. Outperform your competition with real-time inventory visibility—anywhere—with DSI’s Cloud Inventory™ Services and mobile-first supply chain apps. Deploy on premise or in the cloud to capture, share, analyze and act on inventory from any mobile device. DSI can help extend your business capabilities with flexible solutions that meet your unique challenges,” said Mark Goode, President, DSI.

"Organizations around the world are undergoing transformation fueled by cloud, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and the Internet of Things. These technologies are helping businesses and society reach new heights – retail is becoming more personal, banking is becoming more seamless, and healthcare is becoming more predictive and preventive. Improving the quality of Human Resources is one of 10 national priorities in line with the Making Indonesia 4.0 plan launched by the Ministry of Industry last April; one of which is through educating IT users to unleash the impact of these technologies," Mulia Dewi Karnadi, Chief of Partner Officer and Director of Small Medium - Corporate Segments Microsoft Indonesia explained.

"We hear from partners that specialization is key to growth. We are very pleased to be able to join the 2018 Metrodata Solution Day to help accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia through our solutions. In the near future, Microsoft is going to infuse everything with AI. It’s going to have perception capability, language capability and autonomy that is going to be built into the applications going forward. We are excited to introduce these technology to Indonesia, with great support from our partners.”

Rully Moulany, Country Manager, Red Hat Indonesia: “At Red Hat we believe that the future of IT needs diverse voices and perspectives to inspire and innovate and so we are excited to participate in the Metrodata Solutions Day. At the event, we look forward to showcasing some of our emerging technology solutions, such as Red Hat OpenShift, a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers with Kubernetes and Red Hat Ansible, a simple, agentless IT automation technology for managing IT environments at scale."

“The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has shifted boundaries with technology blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological worlds. Cyber security needs to move beyond protecting data confidentiality to ensuring data integrity and availability. To power innovation, security needs to be an enabler, and this means we at Symantec have a responsibility to protect data more aggressively as now it resides in places we never anticipate. At MSD 2018, Symantec is focused on helping the Indonesian IT community to not only address their security concerns but more importantly, protect the Cloud Generation with our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform,” said Andris Masengi, Country Manager, PT. Symantec Security Indonesia.

This full day conference and exhibition will present 7 main sessions and 35 track sessions with wide solution coverage such as Cloud Revolutions, Cognitive Resolutions, Business Application Resolutions, Modern Workplace Revolutions, Data Center Revolutions & Security Resolutions. MSD2018 also provides exhibition booths displaying cutting edge technology solutions from METRODATA’s technology partners as well as consulting directly with technology experts.


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