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Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Solution, makes it Easy to Record Financial Accounting transactions and Financial Report

This solution clearly provides an increase in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in the process of recording transactions and month-end reporting.

Solusi Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Memudahkan Dalam Mencatatkan Transaksi Financial Accounting dan Financial Report

PT Visionet Internasional (OVO)

Company Background

PT Visionet Internasional (“OVO”) is one of the largest digital payment companies in Indonesia. In 2017, OVO became a fintech startup that has been operating throughout Indonesia. In 2019, OVO became one of the 5 Unicorn Startup companies. OVO is part of Grab Holdings Inc., a technology multinational company that provides various services in one Grab super-app, in the form of transportation services, food delivery, and digital payment services. OVO presents digital payment services as OVO’s core business, OVO has also entered financial services, specifically loans, investments and insurance.


Business Challenge

Currently, OVO have business units in the form of digital payment services, loans, investments and insurance. In its development, each area in particular requires a system that can be integrated with each other, generate valid and accurate financial reports. Recording of transactions is required from the process of procurement, purchasing, to recording journals in the system. The process that was previously running was still a lot of manual recording and lack of data integration between areas, and also in the process of generate financial reports, the process was still perform manually, so it took a long time to close monthly and produce valid and accurate financial reports. In Management reporting, BI Dashboard is needed that includes the ERP system.



With the company's expansion and strategy, OVO wants acceleration, effectiveness and efficiency in

recording transactions from each area, especially in procurement and financial accounting so that recording in the system is integrated with each other and can produce valid and accurate reports, as well as Management Reporting and controlling transactions that can be displayed in the form of a Dashboard.



OVO chose PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (IDX: MTDL / “Metrodata”) as a partner to implement Application System solutions that meet the challenges and goals to be achieved. Metrodata has expertise in information technology applications – particularly the application of Oracle Fusion ERP Procurement & Financial Modules solution. Metrodata offers Oracle Fusion ERP as a solution to the challenges faced by OVO. Oracle Fusion implemented at OVO includes Financial Accounting (General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management, Assets, Tax, Accounting Hub), Procurement (Purchasing, Sourcing, Supplier Portal, Supplier Qualification Management, Self Service Procurement) serta Reports & Analytics. Oracle Fusion ERP can accommodate OVO’s needs to record the procure to pay cycle, order to cash cycle and record to record cycle. With Oracle Fusion ERP, OVO Users can perform self-service for the procurement process, OVO Users can apply Oracle best practices in their business processes for recording transactions as needed, OVO Users can generate valid and accurate financial reports and can be tracked from Oracle Fusion ERP. This solution clearly provides an increase in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in the process of recording transactions and month-end reporting.


Results & Benefits

With the successful implementation of the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP applications, OVO was now able to enjoy the benefits, including:

  1. Automate the process of inputting integrated
  2. Recording integrated data between modules in Oracle Fusion ERP.
  3. Perform automatic journaling records of transactions that have been entry in modules in Oracle Fusion ERP.
  4. Minimizing the creation of manual reports by users, with Oracle Fusion ERP reports can be generated automatically.
  5. Financial reports will become more accurate and valid in the generate process.
  6. Financial reports can be tracked and traced to journal sources and transactions created from each module in Oracle Fusion ERP.



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